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He thinks he's hiding
Here's some schooling for you trump fools. Black Lives Matter means Black Lives 'ALSO' Matter. It's doesn't mean 'Black Lives Only Matter'. So stop saying 'White Lives Matter Too'. You sound ignorant.
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Please don't forget this.
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You call all these losers 'patriotic'?? When are ignorant right-wingers going to wise up?
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This is bad news for our cause. This has to be stopped.
Let's do exactly what this site is titled; Have Pride In Our Nation. Thank You.
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Oh, I think I found my new hangout. I have a lot to share, teach, preach and demand. I don't have a lot to learn because I know it all. Let's get this started.
One of my favorite sites.
How can you NOT be proud of such a distinguished gentleman?
Question, what is it with the uneducated, uninformed, idiotic trump supporters on this website? Are they all that stupid?
I think no matter how you feel about Donald Trump, he still is our President. As a American citizen, you should respect him. Why is that so hard to comprehend?
Rep Joe Barton said more people armed could have prevented LV shooting, because it worked "in the Old West." I agree 100%. Lives could have been saved if they all had guns.
This photo just says it all. Donny has no feelings, no heart, no sympathy. He's a disgusting existence of a living thing.
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Where is that tire when Trump is around
Make them happen
To all your liberals I'm not sure if you read the title of this website but it's Pride Nation. That means taking pride in your country the flag and everything else that's Republican. So if you don't do that and get the f*** out of here
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Have you ever wondered why everything goes wrong on Mondays? How about everything going smooth on Fridays? Do you think that's just a coincidence? Did you ever consider it's because your attitude or the energy you're creating? Whether you're religious or spiritual, these both have something in common;... see more positive and negative energy.

When you pray or go to church, you feel good. When you meditate or do yoga, you relax and feel good. Both causes positive energy.

Have you noticed all the negative things going on right now? Have you ever experienced such negativity? Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, racial uprisings, North Korea, political unrest and this latest mass shooting. All this is causing everyone to be stressed, worried, angry and very negative.

Organized religion is spewing that this is all happening because of your sins, abortion, muslims, gays, etc. That's just a bunch of garbage just to get you in their buildings to drop more dollars in the baskets.

Did you ever think all this negativity is happening because we are creating that energy? We continue to feed it. The more we react, the more negative energy we all create, the more this continues.

In my lifetime I've never seen or heard so many people express how stressed and worried they are. This, on top of we're now living in a time of "information overload". We're bombarded with news, opinions, arguments and data on a minute by minute basis. All this is in our hands, right in front of our faces throughout the day and night. It's overwhelming and having a negative effect on all of us.

The solution? I wish we had a magic wand but we are in unchartered territory right now. We're all addicted to our phones. So putting it in a drawer is not the realistic answer.

One thing I found very helpful is this website article. I'm not affiliated or endorsing it in any way but I'm a strong believer in positive energy and the affect it has on our universe and lives.

Check this out. Read it. You may agree with it, you may not. Try out some of the things mentioned in the article and I can guarantee you'll be a believer!