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(PROMO) - International Artists Release New Single In Support of LGBTQ. JIVE64 donates all proceeds of new-single to help the struggling LGBTQ community. Click link.
This guy just does NOT give up!
Just when you thought George Bush Jr had some of the wAcKiEsT photos, take a look at this bundle of GIFS of Donny boy.
This is great!
What an assface
Trump is a pervert
You should be convicted of this so many things including this
Just in case if you were wondering if he actually wears dentures
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Hey bitches! You'all better not be messin with my lizzard-faced daughter!
Im sure the repubs are so proud
I think its time for all Americans to come together and stop all this back and forth bickering
So happy to see that REAL Americans now have a voice in this country! Thanks Trump. We ALL Love You!
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I love the fact that the "poorly educated" has populated this website believing it's some kind of "White Nation" or "right wing" discussion forum. As you fearless leader would say; #sad
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Mr. Religious/perfect Mikey Pence DOES have a evil side:
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Kathy Ireland Contributes $100,000 World AIDS Day Gift To The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation Announces Level Brands Inc.
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Real news! NOT fake news like CNN!!
Im at a loss of words how disgusting this scumbag is. Karma, take him away.
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(promotion) HEY Palm Springs! The Desert Rose Playhouse Presents TIME SQUARE ANGEL
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