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Do you ever notice that in the black community, every time they see each other in public they say hi or wave to one another.   That's a form of unity.  Many times in the gay community, when guys see each other they have a look of attitude and don't say hi.  Discuss.

  • This is a great topic because it's soooo true.  Sometimes I get pissed at the way we treat each other.  We are one family and should act like it.

    There's nothing worse than saying hi to another guy and he looks at me like I'm dirt.  I try to respect everyone and I wish others would do the same.

    • That's sad for the guys to think that way.  I don't know about that.  As far as girls, I think we get along well as a whole.

      • Attitude is a part of the gay men's DNA

        • I really haven't experienced any attitude from any of the guys I've met