PrideNation - Where everyone is your friend!

Celebrating 18 years, PNN Media introduces PrideNation.net version 18. With a all-new platform, applications and coding; PrideNation.net is all about you.

Powered by you, all content is created by all our members and shared with all our members. Instead of communicating with your regular friends and family, PrideNation allows you to meet new people and pen pals. This is a great opportunity to inspire others and share your life experiences.

PrideNation is all about entertainment, music, movies, travel, events and more. It's a multimedia entertainment web portal where sharing stories, ideas and tips is what it's all about.

PrideNation is not about politics, arguing, insults or useless posts. There are plenty of other social sites for any of that. PrideNation is about having fun, entertainment and more.