Allen Pnn Edwards

Allen has been in Radio & TV broadcasting for over 30 years. Working in small, medium and large markets; Allen's positions included air talent, news reporter, talk show host and board operator.

Allen started out as a professional photographer, graduating from The New York Institute of Photography. He worked as a freelance photographer for a variety of newspapers, receiving an "Award of Merit" for a homeless photo essay he did for a regional publication.

Allen then attended The Columbia School of Broadcasting with consecutive honor roll performance. He worked at a variety of different format radio stations throughout Northern and Central California.

Allen is now a partner at a national media broadcast company. He hosts his own talk show on PNN One Radio Network.
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Hints about Palm Springs White Party headliner is HUGE! As Donny would say HUUUGE!
Just when you thought George Bush Jr had some of the wAcKiEsT photos, take a look at these GIFs of Donny boy!
This is great!
I love the fact that the "poorly educated" has populated this website believing it's some kind of "White Nation" or "right wing" discussion forum. As you fearless leader would say; #sad
Where is that tire when Trump is around?
Have you ever wondered why everything goes wrong on Mondays? How about everything going smooth on Fridays? Do you think that's just a coincidence? Did you ever consider it's because your attitude or the energy you're creating? Whether you're religious or spiritual, these both have something in common;... see more positive and negative energy.

When you pray or go to church, you feel good. When you meditate or do yoga, you relax and feel good. Both causes positive energy.

Have you noticed all the negative things going on right now? Have you ever experienced such negativity? Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, racial uprisings, North Korea, political unrest and this latest mass shooting. All this is causing everyone to be stressed, worried, angry and very negative.

Organized religion is spewing that this is all happening because of your sins, abortion, muslims, gays, etc. That's just a bunch of garbage just to get you in their buildings to drop more dollars in the baskets.

Did you ever think all this negativity is happening because we are creating that energy? We continue to feed it. The more we react, the more negative energy we all create, the more this continues.

In my lifetime I've never seen or heard so many people express how stressed and worried they are. This, on top of we're now living in a time of "information overload". We're bombarded with news, opinions, arguments and data on a minute by minute basis. All this is in our hands, right in front of our faces throughout the day and night. It's overwhelming and having a negative effect on all of us.

The solution? I wish we had a magic wand but we are in unchartered territory right now. We're all addicted to our phones. So putting it in a drawer is not the realistic answer.

One thing I found very helpful is this website article. I'm not affiliated or endorsing it in any way but I'm a strong believer in positive energy and the affect it has on our universe and lives.

Check this out. Read it. You may agree with it, you may not. Try out some of the things mentioned in the article and I can guarantee you'll be a believer!
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